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Danny Trejo

Danny Trejo's early life was troubled. He became involved in drugs and crime, leading to multiple stints in prison. While incarcerated, Trejo focused on rehabilitation, including overcoming addiction and becoming a champion boxer.

His film career began serendipitously. While working as a youth drug counselor, he visited a young man on the set of the 1985 film Runaway Train. Trejo's distinct look and experience as a boxer earned him a role as an extra, launching his acting career. Since then, he has appeared in countless movies and television shows, often portraying tough guys, criminals, and antiheroes. Some of his notable films include:

  • Desperado (1995)
  • Con Air (1997)
  • From Dusk Till Dawn (1996)
  • Heat (1995)
  • Machete (2010)
  • Spy Kids (2001)

Net Worth

Danny Trejo's net worth is estimated to be approximately $8 million. In addition to acting, he has expanded into business ventures, including successful restaurants and his own line of merchandise.

Social Media

Danny Trejo maintains an active presence on social media. You can find him on:


While Trejo has spoken openly about his past struggles and redemption, he has not publicly discussed his specific religious beliefs.

Interesting Facts

  • Danny Trejo is a second cousin to legendary filmmaker Robert Rodriguez, a frequent collaborator on his projects.
  • He is an avid animal lover and runs an animal rescue.
  • Trejo owns several successful Los Angeles restaurants, including Trejo's Tacos, Trejo's Cantina, and Trejo's Coffee & Donuts.


Trejo's past experiences with addiction and crime have been well-documented and form a central part of his redemption story. While his life involves periods of controversy, he is now largely celebrated for overcoming those challenges and his positive contributions to society.


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